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The Duchess Story

The Royal Duchess of England visited King Louis in France. The King commanded a feast in her honor and the King's chefs wanted to impress the Duchess.


Since the Duchess does not wear a crown, the Head chef made a potato dish in the shape of her hat. The Royal Duchess was so impressed that King Louis proclaimed and named the Potatoes after her, Pomme Duchess and so the name became Duchess Potatoes.


Keeping with the traditional way of making Duchess Potatoes, we use the finest Idaho Potatoes

with all-natural seasonings in our Duchess Potatoes creations. 


We believe that you are Royalty to us therefore we made the best for you.


Enjoy our Love for God, Country, and Potatoes.


Our Story

Welcome to our Duchess Garden, a magical place where potatoes are our friends and are healthy for you. Duchess Potatoes are a time-honored French recipe consisting of potatoes, salt and pepper. These simple yet powerful ingredients are all it takes to turn a simple potato into a healthy food powerhouse. We went further by including organic Turmeric which is a boost to the immune system.


As a chef and a lover of potatoes, I was always intrigued by the concept of 100% Vegan, gluten and dairy-free products and thus... The Duchess Garden was born. This is indeed a potato kingdom where each potato we make is fit for royalty.


We invite you to be our guest and enjoy our love for potatoes.


Gil Shoshan,

Chief Potato Innovator

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